Blog Tips

12 May 2015 Some of the tips might be out dated, but just in case they happen, they will remain.
~ Rule #1
Don't insult people that leave comments on your blog
Remove the post, and email the person or not.

~ What to do if you find yourself in an online public display?
If you are wrong, then apologize without delay. Don't seek revenge.
Be gracious, handle the situation in emails if you feel its important to you; and remember emails are your words as well. What you post online represents you.

~ Feels like everyone left the room but you?
Try not to take it personally. There are highs and lows in visitor statistics. If you feel your blog is slipping, then consider a make-over. Be decisive. Try not to flounder around looking like you don't know what you're doing.
30 April 2016
If you find the Template Designer edit doesn't work when you click on Apply to Blog, then tweak the width setting, and save with the changes you want. I recently removed a background photo when the Apply button was on wait/no clicking mode. I changed the blog width a tad, and the Apply button worked.

~ How much to blog?
Whatever your schedule allows. Overwhelmed? Take breaks from blogging if need be where you schedule posts, and have guest bloggers. It should go without saying...Don't announce vacations unless you have a house sitter or solid alarm system.
~ When to stop blogging?
When you feel its time. Please, post a farewell thanking readers. Long explanations aren't necessary. Leaving a blog hanging with no explanation doesn't create a positive impression.
~ Keep a copy of your blog off line, and a back up copy.
~ Try not to vent about off topic issues or at all if you can help it
~ Organizing Reading List > Click on settings icon on the right of the list > Write down the blogs you want to change > then edit. Also, write down the blog before and after any blog you want to delete because the page might jump to delete that blog instead of the one you want to delete or make a list of the blogs on your reading list to make sure none are lost in the editing.
 ~ Fonts...I imported a font to my Blogspot blog according to the Google fonts instructions. Afterwards, the page titles and post title font editing wouldn't work. Once I removed the imported font, the page and post titles show the font I chose in some views of my blog but not all.
I found no easy way to import a font and have it display where I want it to.
—> I read in Blogger Help this is a problem, fonts not working or changing when edited, that has been experienced by others. Read the Help articles and if those tips don't work, then you know how to word your question.
~ Banners...My opinion...Select a banner that supports your blog goals. Create your own banner might not be the the easy route, but it might be the best one.
~ Comments...There are different blogger styles:  commenting on your blog, via email, leaving a reply on their blog, leave a comment (or email) on your blog as a courtesy or no comments at all.
Manage your comment style your way.
If building a network is part of your blog plan, then seek out bloggers that return comments.
Remember...just because you read blogs doesn't mean those bloggers will ever comment on your blog.

~ Linking...Unless the links are out there on the Internet already...Before you link to another blog or name another blogger in a post, as a courtesy, ask the blogger for permission. Send an email to notify them of the link. If  you don't receive a reply, then consider editing the link out of your post. Silence may be an indication the attention isn't welcome.

10 December 2014 Re: Comments
Log in before replying to a comment or else the comment you typed might disappear. If your forget to log in before typing a reply, then copy your reply to paste it in the reply box after you log in. This is an old problem in blogspot.
~June 18, 2013...Re: Stats, Mozilla Firefox browser: Stats in Blogspot will count your visits if your don't  accept 3rd party cookies even when you click not to count your visits.
~May 2013 Google Analytics versus Blogger Stats...Don't Count My Page Views option allows Blogger Stats to give a more accurate visitor count. After you check that option, every time  you clear cookies, you must check off the Don't Count My Page Views again.

 ~April 2013
 Tools> Options>Privacy>click box to accept 3rd party cookies in Mozilla Firefox. If you don't, then leaving comments, Google+ won't work.~Consider using the Read More feature to save space and page loading speed on your blog's front page
~ Remember who, what, where, when and how. Don't assume all readers are regulars who know where photos have been taken, and what you are posting about.
~  Always cite photo and text from other sources
~ Add captions to clarify
~ Quick Page Loading...When your visitors click on your links, send them to places that aren't page loading hogs. Help that experience be positive
~ Increase Your Audience with a blog that loads quickly. Edit photo size;  front page 5/- entries; use Archive feature; and  the...You might also like...gadget.
~ Organize... blog entries to create baskets of goodies visitors can depend on returning to read.
~ Easy View on "From this blog" in the add photos box will bring up all the pictures posted on your blog.
~ Slim Down Blog Space...consider editing or removing entries that are embedded videos, holiday wishes or other short posts. Save them in draft or on your computer. They are there in case you change your mind or need them as reference.
~ Links...can become outdated. Update them if you can. If not, then edit to add a link that is current.
~ Saving Blog Entries...Have trouble saving blog entries to your computer? Then go to the Blogger Preview screen, highlight the text you want to copy by a right click, then you'll be able to copy.
~  Schedule posts to free up time

~ Consider adding a schedule where each week on a specific day you blog about food, fashion, art, politics, and such. Invest time developing subjects instead of or in between serendipity blogging.
~  Blogger Buzz locks you out of your blog Reading List (Buzz shows but the other blogs won't), then go back to your Account settings, and click on Blogger. The Reading List will show up then.

~ Trouble accessing archived posts to see comments or respond?
      Click on the post from your archive list on the Home page, then click on the title of the blog to bring up the page for that entry. It may take a few tries for the comments and all to show up.
~ Take your time deciding on what blogs to follow. After a few months to a year, if no response in some way (comments, email or mentions) from blogs you follow or list, then consider removing those blogs to refresh with new ones. Keep in mind, comment styles range from only reply on the blog to posting on the other blogs. Do what feels best for your blog model.