21 May 2022

Thoughts On the 3rd Saturday

Garlic Chives

The garlic chives in bloom are a lovely sight. The stems, however, are woody, not chop for salad worthy. I think it needs replanting and fertilizer to grow tender. After all, it did make it through the winter. I will save some of its seeds for new plants.

One and a half weeks until it is June! This was suppose to be the summer of less covid19 variant pandemic days. Yet, another surge is going on. Masks up. Hands Washed. Distance. Despite all the horrors, I believe we will have a good summer!

Until then...

Browse madras summer clothes online
Whistle a tune to the TV remote
Try a new-to-you ice cream flavor
List your favorite phrasal verbs
Listen to birds singing
Visit a local historical site
Make cheese Blintzes & strawberry sauce
Study Earth: Read about gangue
Research water coolers vs air conditioning
Think of being busy vs relaxing
Make sun tea

Have a Wonderful Week-end!


Tabor said...

Wow, that is all interesting and now I am going to look up phrasal verbs.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Phrasal verbs..I ran the term researching after Blogspot spell check refused to undo the red error underline on livens, for the phrasal verb, livens up. It caught me by surprise that I have zero recollection of the word phrasal.

William Kendall said...

Those are quite photogenic.

Boud said...

You caught me making sun tea, first this year. You got a lizcam?

Red Rose Alley said...

The garlic chive blooms are lovely. Have never seen them before. Cooking with garlic makes most dishes taste even better. I like your idea of visiting a historical site. I've been wanting to do that, and it's nice to know the areas we are living in and their history.

Have a restful weekend.


kathyinozarks said...

I have always loved garlic chives but never see them any more, I should look for seeds Happy weekend

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Liz, That is a fun idea, for bloggers to have live cams with other bloggers. lol

Sheri, Garlic powder goes in most everything I cook. A salad especially needs fresh garlic.
A restful week-end to you as well

I will be glad to send you seeds from my plant. They are a hardy one for sure. The woody stems aren't the usual. Last year I used them in salads.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Even when it is windy, they are easy to photograph.

Marie Smith said...

Great ideas. I would add, visit an area with swallows and watch and listen for some time. They are mesmerizing!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

I will keep watch out for tree and barn swallows. Their tails are what I look for.

Jeanie said...

Those garlic chives look so pretty! And I love this new list -- lots of fun things on this one!

Lorrie said...

What a beautiful photo of the chives. I've noticed that the stems with flowers are very tough, but before the flowers form, the stems are tender. I don't know if your plant is the same.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

I hope your days are filled with fun things to do.

I think you are right. The stems toughen as the chives put energy into flower and seed making.