12 April 2018

Missing Something?

I posted about websites asking people to register or sign in to their website using Facebook or Twitter February 2014. Yes, 4 solid years ago at least, sharing was offered to the public. I didn't write anyone to complain or continue to speak out about it. I've read more than one terms of service and privacy policies. Yet, I linked articles into my Facebook page. Social media is not new. Privacy terms is not new. The Internet is not new. Data mining is not new. Yet, all that is being treated like nobody had a clue?

Point is...We had enough information to raise questions...
Is it possible for the public to have their own terms that websites must agree to?


  1. an interesting concept. I have never once linked any site to facebook. But I have taken some of those quizzes, long ago when I first joined FB. Way back when you had to have someone invite you in order to join. What a hook.

  2. Hi Carol,
    I stopped clicking on those fun apps when one appeared to be followong me around. I don't link articles to Facebook anymore.

  3. Zuckerberg isn't having a good year. I feel sorry for him, really I do... I'm playing the world's smallest violin in sympathy. :)

  4. Hi William,
    I hear your music.
    For me...Listening to some of the questions Zuckerberg is asked, it scares me congress persons know so little about the Internet. Bravo to him for keeping his composure.

  5. I am guessing if you pay for something you can call the shots.

    1. Hi Tabor,
      On the Internet methinks, money doesn't speak the get what you pay for language. I will be shocked if there is any businees or social media company that doesn't dig deep for user data, paid service or not. And I feel after all the dust settles, the practice will continue, under diffetent wording, but just about the same as before , adding more features to not get in a snafu like Facebook has.


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