06 March 2018

Tis the Migration Season

The other day a humongous flock of Canada Geese at Dead Creek Refuge in Addison, Vermont.
The light was flat. I didn't have my good camera with me. I had to good camera today. However, I estimate over 90 % of the geese flock have left.
Posting both days. The photos were fun to take. Navigating the muddy dirt road, not so much.


  1. They're thinking of spring!

  2. the Canadian Geese live here in Northern Indiana year round. There are so many water retention ponds from all the building complexes they find it a good place to stay. actually they are a pretty big nuisance. Their droppings create contamination. Walkways are their toilet, so to speak.
    xx, Carol

  3. Hi William,
    It will be all winter with the new snow storm on the way. News has been ridiculously about the storm almost a week before it even gets here.

    Hi Carol,
    Geese do make a mess, careful where you walk situation. But this is their world as well as ours. Better management of wetlands might help, but it won't stop geese from being geese.

  4. Looks like there are some snow geese visiting with the Canadians. I do hope you won't get a huge storm again. So far we have had just flurries and not much accumulation.

  5. It's so awesome to be surrounded by so much wildlife.

  6. Hi Debra,
    Heavy wet snow here with more on the way. It looks beautiful in the woods.

    Hi Loree,
    The snow is too deep for backyard critters today.


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