13 February 2018

Out & About Along Route 7

Out and about early yesterday as a passenger was an enjoyable mini-vacation. The level of anxiety was manageable. I don't drink or eat until on the way home lest my stomach act up. A cramp causes anxiety. Anxiety starts cramping. The perfect weather and company helps ease the jitters. And, the sausage biscuit with a coffee that is actually hot! Sublime.

Here are a few of the photographs taken along Route 7 going South.
Looking West after passing Shelburne Museum gate

Vermont, Lake Champlain, Adirondack Mountains

Looking East toward the Green Mountains


  1. I have always loved the names Champlain and Adirondack. There is something magical about them. I wonder what the origin of each name is.

  2. Beautiful landscapes! It has been awhile since I've been in that area.

  3. Hi Graham,
    The names are magical. Champlain is French and Adirondack Native language, I believe.

  4. Hi William,
    The area is gorgeous in the fall when the foliage is at peak.


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