25 August 2017

Photo Friday and Election Reform

Corns Husk, Digital Photograph Series 2015
Looking at photographs taken at the same time as the day you are looking, is a glimpse of your past, what you were doing back then. This August feels like it flew by faster than July. For me, seeing the corn husk photos feels like the last two years also flew by. I do note, though, I am grateful the presidential election process in 2016 is over (at least for the majority of us) because that was an uncomfortable several months to endure that much squabbling and spinning of truth.

I'd like to see the next presidential election...
  1. A profile and platform form, the same that all candidates fill out and attach documentation and/or sources to support the information, 6 months before the party's convention; and published online, free to the public, and costs paid by the candidate.
  2. All Primaries held on the same day, before the 1st of June of the election year
  3. Spending caps on advertising per state based on population
  4. Voter registration ends 30 days before election day, including people with birthdays falling within those 30 days
  5. No campaigning by phone
  6. Debate Moderators must be from the private sector, not employed by any news media, have executive experience, public speaking experience, and be appointed by the state legislature where the debates take place or the same moderator for all debates.
  7. No Campaigning until midnight the 1st June of the election year 
  8. No official announcement to run until 20th of January of the election year
I do day dream a lot.


  1. All of this sounds good to me. I would also like to see limits on contributions. Only "individuals" who can vote can contribute.

    1. Hi Tabor,
      I love your mushroom pictures you posted on your blog.

      Good point, you contribution rules sound good to me.

  2. Our system is different from yours but I sometimes think I'd be glad if the whole thing took 10 minutes. We'd read the manifestos in the morning, vote the next day by email. :) Thats a fine corn husk picture.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Hi Jenny,
      Your ideas sound refreshing.
      I think the length of time, the goings on, and the way elections dominate the news is unhealthy for people.

      Thank you. This year I'm going for dry squash vines if I can find some.

    2. Oh dear, a double Hi, I can be a bit careless editing what I post.

  3. Your system of elections is the best argument in favour of our system of Parliamentary democracy. No four years of campaigning, no primaries, just a few weeks of election campaigns that by and large are a lot less toxic on all sides.

    1. Hi William,
      Your MosaiCanada blog posts this week have been fantastic. When Canada puts on a show, y'all put on a show!

      The Parliamentary process sounds better than the brawl like process we have to endure.

  4. It doesn't matter which system one has, Maywyn, not everyone will like it. In there are various systems running in parallel and there is a view that we should have proportional representation. In New Zealand where they have that system (as we do in Scotland for the Scottish Parliament) there are those who think the first past the post system is better. I think one problem is, as you say, that we all get fed up with the electioneering and the sheer lies that are told.

    1. Hi Graham,
      I agree no everyone will like what procedure is used.
      A tighter more disciplined system can help deter interference, domestic as well as the alleged foreign, and other such problems.


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