29 August 2017

A Summer Whine

Summer Sun
Woe is me!
Blubbering, slobbering, weeping, tissue please blues that Summer, the heart like Earth's oceanic crust, is being subducted, this under the weight of autumn's contentment, that heavy affirmation harvest telling, we have done well for the frozen soil survival. Lachrymose  moments abound with each wisp of chill felt in the air. Drape me over a spring bare sofa, a pile of dead sunflowers, a ragged mess of summer play time plastic. Haul me away to the dump. Send me to the corner with a wash rag to wipe my nose. I pray for a warm September to bid summer adieu.

Sometimes pouring your heart out is
and sometimes it isn't.*

*Overly dramatic


  1. Replies
    1. Hello Tabor,
      A light heart bit mostly. All summer I've felt a sense of waiting for summer.

  2. Gosh. And I was happy until now! I shall have to go and sleep it off.

    1. Hello Graham,
      My humour evidently doesn't show. A similiar happened when I filled out a Be a Writer magazine ad. The reply to my very serious poured my heart out paragraph...I have a talent for humour. My Axis has shifted.

  3. Replies
    1. Hello William,
      I had a moment.

  4. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! I think I shall laugh, you are quite a writer! Want to thank you for your prayers for Bryce, I know they make all the difference.

    1. Hello Jeri,
      Laughing is the right way to go.
      Prayers continue

  5. You know I feel the same about the end of summer, I always look forward to it. But I guess we adapt and autumn is also very nice!

    1. Hello Jenny,
      Autumn is nice. I'm hoping after all the rain this summer, the foliage is spectacular, and the weather as well.


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