06 July 2017

The Greens, Geese and a Guess

Snake Mountain, Addison, Vermont
The quest to embrace summer's hazy greens is in a Sun phase. Sun shinning down onto the woods feels like I'm seeing green diamonds. The difficulty is being in a place for the optimum advantage to capture the most vibrant green. In the first photo, those sunlight dappled areas are brightest when I'm a few miles away, from a place to stop and take pictures. It feels like taking photos of bees, put down the camera, and there's the bee!
Greylag and Canada Geese

Pressed flower circa 1906

The Greylag and Canada Goose pair among lovely greens in bright sunlight with shade nearby will be going into the Photos to Paint From folder. I'll call the painting, Strut.

A library books sale treasure within...pressed four leaf clovers and a flower [circa 1906 publication date of the book].The flower has been like finding a piece of Art Nouveau history. The 1906 date of the book is within the art movement's 1890 - 1920 popularity.

I think it is a morning glory, an often used favorite flower of that art era. I dare not take it apart to see the leaf shape for a positive identification.  Methinks it will look nice encased in acrylic and worn as a pendant. That's if heat of the acrylic won't harm the delicate old flower.

My guess is that it is a morning glory.

What do you think?


  1. Geese are the bane of our lives in the Outer Hebrides where they ruin the grazing land and foul just about anywhere else that they can.
    I really couldn't guess at the pressed flower but it certainly is a lovely piece of memento art.

    1. Hi Graham,
      There's trade offs in most of nature.


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