27 July 2017

Technology: Learning Something New

What my brain doesn't but almost feels like
I learned, if you have a Google Play Store account using one email address, then the downloads, using another phone where you want to install the app, will install on the phone associated with that email account. Solution? Open an new Google Play Store account with another email address on the other phone? Not so fast. I tried that. The results are Google messages telling me I'm not connected to the Google Play Store.
Is there a way to download without using the Google Play Store? APK, If you find one to download that your security program will allow as safe to install. Good luck.

Why all this trouble? The older Samsung Galaxy version I have doesn't have a call blocking feature. I didn't realize that Google nearly has total control over downloads on my cell phone. Is Google Play Store a Monopoly? More reading to do.

2015 Reddit Article, How does Google get away with its monopoly on the Play Store? Here is one idea of how I think it could be done.


  1. I try to limit the amount of apps in my mobile, just for the sake of room.

    1. Hi William,
      Your museum blog posts are a summer blog reading highlight.

      That's a good rule to follow. I uninstalled as many Google app things as I dare. Now Google is sending me notes that they, the uninstalled, can't update. lol


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