20 July 2017

Summer Out & About in Vermont: Grapes, Figs and Poetry

Early morning on a hot and humid June day with the sun blaring down is what I remember about pick your own strawberries. The first time I picked strawberries as an adult, every bit of space in the kitchen was covered with containers including the kitchen sink. The plan is to freeze them, my never done that before brain told me. Clue to that success is to have a freezer large enough to store all those pounds of strawberries. We had strawberry smoothies for a week plus.

Forward thirty years later in Vermont, one of the favorite local places to pick your own strawberries changed over in 2001 to Lincoln Peak Vineyard. They also hosts events. At the vineyard this week-end, Saturday, 22 July, 9 AM- 4 PM is The Middlebury Studio School's Annual Craft Fair.

Strawberries and green grapes are traditionally in my picnic basket, (now a soft sided cooler). This August I'm looking to be wild by adding fresh figs. In 2016 I read about figs on the blog, Hither and Thither.  I bought them fresh at a local grocery store. They are like eating tasty clouds, heavenly good. If I picked a fruit to be in season all year long, then figs is in the top three with fresh blueberries and strawberries.

The August picnic location has yet to be decided. I've been Internet exploring Vermont as well as Upstate New York. So far one site is at the top of the list, The Robert Frost Interpretive Trail, in Ripton, Vermont along Route 125, also known as the Robert Frost Wayside Trail. I've been there before over the years. It is an easy, interesting and good place for photographing Nature (open 6 AM to 10 PM).


  1. You've reminded me that I have half a bowl of Scottish strawberries to finish with some lovely cream. Usually I eat them with no cream straight from the punnet.

    1. Hi Grahm,
      Your post about Chester if fantastic. I don't recall seeing such an interesting place like that before. Thank you


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