26 July 2017

Thoughts: Art, Geese and a Rabbit

From the distance, I thought the fawn hued creature is a gosling napping. I didn't zoom in for a picture. Uploading is such fun when shapes turn out to not be what you think they are. Those big ears aren't feathers. In a painting, I think it will be fun to have the bird munching, looking at the rabbit.

The pictures I want are the ones where the birds are being birds. There is no one photograph I've taken of the geese that is a perfect painting. Enter artistic license. A few of them have behaviors that are neat for a painting main feature. Finding a blend of interesting and common poses is the challenge of creating a composition that's good. I was told by a UVM (University of Vermont) drawing professor (advanced drawing?) many years ago, (I forget his name at the moment), not worded exactly....How well you can draw isn't as important as having a good composition. You have to have a Good Composition.* Alas, those words are better remembered, methinks, than my ability to create a good composition. Spending time drawing, keeping that skill sharp turns out to be the problem. I don't draw enough. This summer, my quest to embrace the blue hazy green landscapes that I dislike so much, and studying those geese has brought me to a place in my art that feels more rewarding and  disciplined.

I hope your summer's journey takes you to places where you want to be.

*Edited and updated after first posting because I had the sentence the opposite of what the words are.


  1. I haven't done much drawing in July - been too bleary-eyed and tired when other stuff is done, mostly. But #drawingAugust is on the horizon, which has gotten better every year for me. Last year I think I did 26 drawings or paintings, and some were pretty satisfying. I'm trying to get in the "every day no matter what" mindset.

    1. Hi Quinn,
      You are a good artist. I look forward to seeing your work.
      I hope August is sunnier than July has been.

  2. I've read this several times and pondered upon it during the day. Why? Because my thoughts couldn't turn to art and the real message of your post. For us the geese are a monumental pest ruining the very scarce good croft grazing with their voracious appetites and copious faeces. Sorry.

    1. Hi Graham,
      I understand how much you dislike the gees. You've made it very clear.


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