10 July 2017

Morning Meals: A Sandwich

The breakfast toasted sandwich may not look pretty, but it does taste pretty good. A few strips of crispy bacon is the deluxe version I began making when I was about say maybe eight or nine years (1950s). The biting method can be messy. I've been practicing using a fork, and cutting it into sections. The applesauce goes on the bread first to soften the toast, and help the scramble eggs' stability. The one in the photo is folded (open).


  1. Well Maywyn this looks like a pretty interesting sandwich...not sure I would want the ketchup mixing with my applesauce...but if you say it is good I will consider it. Have a blessed week...Hugs!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      The flavors combine for a bit of sweet and sour.
      Have a wonderful week


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