22 July 2017

Desk Chit Chat: What Fascinates You?

Dead Creek, Addison Vermont

Dead Creek Management Area,  link to list of the aquatic plants in the area

My description from top to bottom:

Reeds or Rushes (?)
Arum leaved arrowhead (?)
Water (I'm positive.)

I think of reeds and rushes as being grassy cousins that hang out in water in neat groups or rows along a shoreline.  Without seeing the plant up close to compare to an identification list, I don't know what type they are. I don't recall seeing cattails among those particular reeds. The shoreline is neatly landscaped by nature. There is no group of gardeners to tend those plants. 

The shades of green in that wetland environment aren't much different from what I see in the forests. The  difference I find fascinating is the water reflects the sky colors, while in the forest, the sky is mainly evident when sun and clouds create cloud shadows, that change the color values. 
The dark sage green of the water in full sun gains more yellow. In the forest, a full sun on the trees turns them a lovely Chartreuse when the sunlight shines through a break in the clouds (contrast), like the milkweed plant color on the bottom left edge of the second photograph.

This week has been slow due to...picking up a vacuum with one hand, it gets caught, I turned while pulling...a muscle. Painful experience. Healing well. In the meantime, I had more time on the Internet to browse, read and admire. I made a LinkSaturdays bookmark folder. I so wish for a better way to store bookmarks. The scroll down a list view is messy. 

Cutest video of bear cub holding onto it's mother
The video melts my heart. Sorry, I don't remember what blog I first viewed it from.

Trash Animals by Bordalo II
Fascinating! The bunny is my favorite.

Have a relaxing weekend!


  1. Hi William,
    Your blog post about the Arctic Gallery is fantastic.

    Thank you. The very hot sun made for a short trip. The bugs aren't a bother mid day.

  2. thank goodness for the Internet to fill our time while we heal.

    1. Hi Tabor,
      Naps are a nice way of filling time as well. :)
      Hope your summer is going well

  3. For me there's a pleasing symmetry in the pictures.

    1. Hi Graham,
      Your hawk and falcon blog post photos are pleasing. The close ups capture their personalities well.


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