16 July 2017

Getting Back to Watercolors

The rhythm of one's life is what it is. We can adjust it as well as learn to adjust to it.
There are times when I don't paint for weeks or  months. I often feel that I don't know how to paint. Strange rhythm it is, but I deal with it by doing other creative things.
Watercolors more than acrylics takes the brunt of my painting down time. Watercolor is an always learning process that needs to be used.

In the present in progress watercolor of the Canada Geese, I pushed myself to put in the background color, and then color to the geese instead of taking a detour to mostly sketch first. I know that it will be a week or so before I finished the details. Pressing on is rewarding. Starting small instead of small flock is the best route. I feel that learning goose anatomy is fun.


  1. Yay watercolor! I'm waiting for a watercolor to dry right now, before experimenting with adding another layer of color. Wait...can that be done? We'll see! ;)

  2. Hi Quinn,
    Nice post on your blog about the progress of your garden.

    I identify with the squash seeds sprouting.

  3. Ah Maywyn - love your painting friend. With all the rain we have been having green is certainly the color of the month. :)! Hope you are having a super day. Hugs!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. The rain is making greens this year look very happy.

  4. Oh my, Maywyn! I LOVE this!!!!!! You are inspiring me, girl!!! Excellent!

    1. Hi Debra,
      You are also an inspiration.
      I'm giving painting a few days rest after pulling muscle while moving things to vacuum.


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