07 July 2017

Earth's Moon Over Vermont

Moon Over Vermont 2 July 2017, Digital Photo Studio Maywyn

Wikipedia page with more detail map of Moon's Surface
from clockwise in photo
Mare Crisium - Sea of Crisis
Mare Fecunditatis - Sea of Fecundity/fertility
Mare Nectaris - Sea of Nectar
Mare Procellarum -  Sea of Storms
Mare Imbrium - Sea of Showers/rain
Mare Tranquilitatis - Sea of Tranquility
Mare Serenitatis - Sea of Serenity

The photograph last night doesn't have as much detail as other pictures I've taken of the Moon. Atmospheric conditions, camera, and my photo skills share the blame. The more visible areas are labeled in the space available. For reference, I used the Wikipedia Moon Map and my planetary Geology text, Universe, Origins and Evolution, Theodore P. Snow and Kenneth R. Brownsberger, University of Colorado. It isn't easy figuring out what is where going back and forth between photo, Internet tab and book. If you find an error I've made, then please let me know. Thank you

20 July 2017 is Moon Day, when a Human person first walked on the Moon.


  1. We may be apart but when I look at the sky and remember that we are standing on the same earth, looking at the same moon, somehow you don't seem so far away after all.

    1. Hi Graham,
      The sky does connect the world from one place to another.
      Have a great weekend


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