14 July 2017

Down Time for Dayilies in Bloom

Water Reference
Daylilies are in bloom around here.
Big headache flowers they are for me.
Other flowers are also in bloom.
I don't like to go anywhere when I take an allergy pill that can make me drowsy. I stay home, putter around in stretch knit, and enjoy a day of not going out.
Composite Draft

On the current relax agenda is sketching geese, in a sketchbook to save on watercolor paper.  I have enough photographs of Canada Geese in various poses to plan paintings. The only blue of sky will be a reflection in the water. The
panorama is the first draft of a painting.


  1. Yes, they are beautiful photos. I'm sure they will make beautiful paintings.

    1. Thank you Stephen
      And thank you again for your post on Grover Washington, Jr.
      I listened to the first video, and then, "Take Five." Made my heart happy with the memories.

  2. Can't wait to see the art work from the photos...

    1. Hi Debra,
      I'll be painting most of today. :)
      Have a fun weekend!


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