08 July 2017

Desk Chit Chat: On the Wing

The micro reality between a camera's LCD screen, zoom, the subject, and the human eye can be intriguing to experience. I thought I saw a damselfly cleaning itself. Not. The insect is a female  Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly that happen to rest on my patio. I took a video from my seat as I thought I'm watching the insect grooming itself. No, that isn't what it was doing. Lunch on a flying insect is what it is doing.

From a distance resting on the patio at lunch time

Click photos to enlarge

The first photo is to provide a size/scale reference. The dragonfly flew around and landed in several places. I thought the activity is due to my moving around with the camera. The dragonfly is hunting for lunch. It caught and ate a flying insect.

Eastern Pondhawk Female Dragonfly close up before lunch

Note, the left back wing has a large chunk missing. I have seen a blue dragonfly, a male, in the area as well, but not as close up as the female.

At rest, wings spread out in the typical dragonfly fashion.


  1. I read your second post first. My feelings are still the same!

    1. Hope you're having a good weekend, Graham

  2. Amazing you managed to capture that. The dragonfly is a beauty.

    1. Hi Pat,
      I'm surprised it didn't fly away the first time it saw me.


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