15 July 2017

Desk Chit Chat: Human Kindness and Jazz

Are there times for you when you know immediately, even before you brain voice starts speaking, that moment, that event, word, smile, sound will stay with you forever? If you haven't, then consider reading the article about the six family members in danger of drowning caught in rip currents rescued by a human chain of heroes. Melts the heart.
Washington Post article by Katie Mettler.


Reading the blog, Morphological Confetti, Professor Stephen Bess posts a YouTube video on Grover Washington, Jr. It sent me listening to more. In high school I listened to jazz more than the Beatles. It will be good to get back to listening to more music, and painting. Jazz is also good music to paint by.

Take Five, Grover Washington, Jr


  1. Having nearly lost a member of my Family to a rip a few years ago the post brought a chill to me.

    1. My sympathies for your loss, Graham.


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