01 July 2017

Desk Chit Chat: Belly and Books

I've been looking through the an ex-library book bought at the library sale many years ago, Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, with Extracts from his journals and correspondence, Edited by Samuel Longfellow, Boston: Ticknor & Company, 1886. The library label shows the book entered in 1886. It's fascinating to read Longfellow's journal style. I feel like a happy peasant when I compare my casual daily menu, laundry, and such to Longfellow's (formal style). 

From Longfellow's October 1, 1845 journal entry:
The month begins with rain. The river is full and a black schooner lies at anchor opposite the window, among the hay-cocks.

There is a flood watch in many parts of Vermont. The New Haven River here is the fullest I've seen in a while. I can't see it looking out my window. I do see the dry grass clippings have blended into the lawn. As I wonder where his window is, I read the definition of hay-cock...a small mound of hay left to dry before it becomes part of a haystack. Learning. Discovery. Books made of paper. Fascinating places books can lead us.

Abdominal Pain
Link to the Mayo Clinic online
The list there, I believe, is fantastic if you have belly pain. At the doctor's office, giving the doctor the information on Your symptoms using that list is worthy common sense. Don't be shy about how you feel. Be informed. Speak up. I learned recently that a flare up/problem in the digestive system doesn't always present with a fever. My rule has been, no fever, no doctor unless I absolutely cannot stand the pain or discomfort. If some of pain and discomfort last over hours or days, then I feel it's time for to see a doctor.

On the chat...My apologies for an unfinished post slipping by me. This post is now complete.
I began writing days ago with a schedule to publish at Midnight on 1 July 2017. I fell asleep last night forgetting to finish. I wake up to Uhoh. Longfellow, I'm sure, didn't have blogging issues.
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  1. Falling asleep while blogging. That is a new one.

  2. Hi Tabor,
    Thank you!
    I edited the apology. I didn't fall asleep while writing. I wrote. I forgot. I slept while the post I schedule to publish, published. It feels like getting dressed, and forgetting I still have on my slippers when I go out the door. lol

  3. "Books made of paper"... yes, books made of paper are best. What would Longfellow think of the current state of affairs with books being online and on Kindles!??

    1. Hi Jeri,
      I look forward to your book about Pippity Trimble at Trimble Manor. It's a lot of fun reading your blog as the artwork progresses.


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