10 July 2017

At the Bottom of a Cup

Cumulus Clouds 8 July 2017, (using zoom feature)
This may sound silly. 
I take a break from reading, stretch, look out the window to...  
Magnificent clouds low and huge, 
almost like Gigantic marshmallows, 
giving me the feeling I'm sitting on the bottom of a cup,
for a split second sort of scary oh wow moment.

Cumulus Clouds moving towards the East, 8 July 2017
An Optical Illusion?
All three photos are taken with zoom; 1st with some, 2nd with the least, 3rd with the most zoom.
The right side of the first picture, blurry edge of vertical blinds, appears to move.
The left side of the second picture, straight edge of the patio window frame, doesn't have that illusion.
The third photo showing both frame and blurry blinds, when I look at the original, the right side gives me the sense of movement, but it clearing isn't moving. 
Cumulus Clouds using most zoom


  1. Such beautiful cloud pictures and beautiful words too Maywyn.
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you Helen
      Your blog post about daisies makes me smile.

  2. Love those clouds of yours!

    1. Thank you Debra
      Your photo, looking out your window to see a nest of baby robin,s has been a highlight of the season.


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