02 July 2017

A Wrench and Art

Trimont Tool Company, Roxbury Massachusetts, 14 inch pipe wrench, digital photo [edited]
Old tools. Iron. Steel. Grease. Clanging metal. Chains. Oil. Motor sounds.
The patina, texture, and sometimes greasy scent of old tools create an aesthetic formula that an artist, by paint, pen or chisel, can be inspired by.
I remember as a kid walking past a metal shop on the way to school. The shiny metal shavings and bits on the floor captivated my imagination. I wanted to pick them up to make something out of them.  Forward decades later, an old tool instead of scrap metal. I'm not sure what I'll do with the wrench photographs. The lean I feel is towards a very large photograph on my wall because they make me feel like smiling.


  1. Great images well captured.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. Coincidentally I was at an art centre in Ruthin (Wales) yesterday and there were many tools which had been forged into a domestic implement at one end and gilded leaving the other end (of, for example, a spanner) in it's original form. I was rather taken with them.

    1. Hi Graham
      Thank you for that information! I Googled to see the art exhibit. Those pieces are really interesting.


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