06 June 2017

Rainy Days and Sitting Ducks

Pencil & Watercolor Sketch from photo

There is some guilt wishing the rain would stop because there's drought to consider. Please remember when you see water on the road...
Turn Around, Don't Drown!

The other day I took the scenic route home from food shopping. In field there were Canada Geese and Mallards. I pulled over to take a few pictures. There was no traffic on that back country road, and the view is open far enough to see a vehicle approaching, no curves or trees in the way. I notice there are more drakes (males) Mallard ducks than hens (females), and no females in the photos. I read on the Ducks Unlimited website, that isn't unusual because post nesting, there are more hen deaths due to a lack of nutrition.
Sitting Mallard Ducks Spring 2017

The Canada Geese are more active and larger in numbers. The surprise is seeing them away from a water source. The field isn't plowed under. There's probably corn on the ground here and there. I didn't stay long enough or get out of the car to see more. At home, I sketch the drake most visible.

Canada Geese


  1. Lovely sketch, and so nice to see the Canada geese. :)

    1. Hi Linda,
      I'm glad some of them stick around instead of all going south.

  2. The sketch is striking with the bright green head.

    1. Thank you Lorrie
      The Mallard Duck's green is a favorite shade of the color.

  3. It's beautiful. You are a fine artist. why don't we see more of your work?????

    1. Hi Debra,
      I'm shy. :)
      I haven't been painting much for a few years now. I'm hoping in the near future that will change.


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