07 June 2017

Plein Air Projects: The Hazy Greens of Summer

The summer blue hazy masses of green trees in the landscapes are one of my least favorite scenes to paint. This year, instead of feeling an aversion to those greens, I'm going to embrace them, be challenged by them.
In summer, at least once a week weather permitting, I'm determined to have a picnic and paint lunch. On a whim,on the one day of sun last week, the plan is to buy lunch, and scout out places to picnic and paint. The decision sends me north on Route 7 right into construction traffic, a line that must have been miles long. The long way back home is longer than I remember, and more beautiful on such a gorgeous day. On the patio at home, lunch is a juggle between wind, plastic lids, crumbs, sketchbook and pencil. I see the depth of greens from yellow tones to blue. Sketch. Notes. Learn the green perspective. Summer is almost here.

The sketch is messy, but helpful. The cardinal directions are noted along with where the sun is (off photo right), and shapes have memories. The glob in the center is a  puffy white cloud peaking over the tree tops with a cheery curiosity. A bonus is the Winsor & Newton watercolor half pans fit in my little Dick Blick folding palette.

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  1. Neato! I have been SO tempted to buy a little watercolor box for outdoor painting this summer...but to be honest, I think I am just enchanted by the nifty design of such boxes! I'm quite happy with my watercolor pencils and ink pens ;)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      The little DBlick folding palette is my favorite. There are mixed colors dried in there that I use more than the paint.
      I'm looking at a larger palette with a cover for acrylics to go with the watercolors. Not all scenes look best in one or the other.
      I'll give watercolor pencils a try!

  2. Replies
    1. You have fun as well! You really are a good artist.

  3. What a wonderful challenge for yourself for summer. This sketch is delightful.

    1. Thank you Lorrie
      Delightful here seeing the picture of the napping blue macaw you posted. That photo is poster worthy for sure. Great catch!


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