01 June 2017

Warm Weather Mosquito & Insect Protection

I've seen more mosquitoes in the last week than I think I saw all last summer. The rains bring them out, all that water for laying eggs. They will lay eggs, I believe, wherever they find a bit of water.
It isn't easy finding places to prevent water collection in your yard.
My #1...After each rain is to drain out the planter trays, and tip over planters that have attached trays, any another place where water collects. Shaking leafy plants can dislodge water at the base of leaves, that little pocket at the stem and leaf. Changing bird bath water regularly is a great help...I mean twice a day, more is better.

Did you know that feet attract mosquitoes? I learned that on the Internet this week. I spray my lower legs before I get in the car because it seems mosquitoes are often there waiting to bite my ankles, whether my feet are sparkling clean or not. So I Googled why that happens. Whala! Feet produce more stinky bacteria that attracts mosquitoes, according to a University of California Riverside study.

Please, do yourself a favor by reading up on mosquito prevention.
Health Prevent Mosquito and Tick Bites
CDC Protection Against Mosquitoes, Ticks & Other Anthropods
EPA Mosquito Control
Mosquito Netting Clothes
Add researching what is the best insect repellent for you
Today Show article about insect repellent for Consumer Reports

The sky yesterday afternoon in the southeast was as dark as I've seen a stormy sky. While taking photographs is nice, mosquito bites are not.
Remember to Spray Repellent
Before You Go Out to Take Pictures!


  1. Dear friend, mosquitoes threat our peaceful summer days, I know the problem as every year they visit us since the end of May. I take the precautions you describe, it's a common secret!
    Happy summer and thank you for visiting my site and leaving a sweet like!

    1. Hi Olympia,
      Mosquitoes were bad in May. We had so much rain.
      Happy Summer to You!
      Your garden is a blog highlight of the year.


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