25 June 2017

Making Summer Be a Summer

Journal entry, October 1, 1846
When you walk out of a store, or pizza shop, do you think of who your contemporaries are?
Imagine an author you know stopping to chat about another author's success, that you also know. 
Social opportunities in the 19th Century aren't the same. Today we have Social Media. Journal worthy to write down what you read on the Internet that day? That part of your Life?
Technology creates a World that keeps on going with us tethered to our electronic devices like melting ice cream on our arm held up, rectangle in hand, cone in the other. Imagine how much of your activity has been cached, and eventually will degrade somewhere somehow in cyber space.

In the Now...What do you want your summer to be?

There are ways to make sure you experience the best part of a season. Going safely outdoors is one of them, (taking care to be aware of heat dangers). When you walk out a door next time, or any time, consider giving a thought to creating your good summer rain or shine. Enjoy the fruit and vegetables in season. Read outdoors. Have lunch outdoors. Shop a Farmer's Market. Put your toes in the water. Watch rainbows form. Wear spiffy sandals, and a funny tee shirt like you're at the beach. Write yourself a fun poem that you can read to everyone after Thanksgiving dinner.

Photo: Studio Maywyn, Viburnum flowers after blooming


  1. Good advice. My summers are not as busy as they used to be and yet I still feel I am wasting them away.

    1. Hi Tabor,
      Thank you. Paying attention to the season is like being in charge of watering the garden. I cut watercolor paper the other day. I set up the umbrella on the chair outdoors to paint. Then the clouds roll in. Summer. :)

  2. This is good, Maywyn. I agree-take the time to really savor life!

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you. I am determined to paint outdoors today even if I have to hold my brush out from under the umbrella to get it wet. :)


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