03 June 2017

Desk Chit Chat: Overcast Skies

Again. I have the feeling of anticipation summer will begin once the rain curtain rises. Mother Nature is playing theater this year with no popcorn or candy.

This week has been a busy slow. I know there's a word or phrase to describe that even the Thesaurus doesn't guide me to description.
Good sign to have a dictionary read soon.
This week I've also noticed that when I click to bookmark a website, the link doesn't always show up in the bookmarks even when I select a folder. Another project to figure out next week.

Talk about posting about summer bug issues...Sadly, two cases this spring of Powassan Encephalitis have been reported in Midcoast Maine by WCHS6. How do we put things like this in perspective so it doesn't ruin or put a damper on our summer fun? Prevention. Be diligent about protecting yourself, love ones and friends.

From Interenet Travels...

Lovely art on Jenny's Print Shop

Studios to dream about on Studio Shed  

Have a great week-end!

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