24 June 2017

Desk Chit Chat: Has It Really Been June?

Let  use count the days...
June feels more like an April
Sun has in inherent instruction that the coast is clear to go outside and have fun. In the natural flow, summer sun and rain blend well. This year, however, one of them has taken on the costume of a pest, a pain on the suede sandal, a boring bother, and a strawberry ruin.
Sugar Cone
For the green flora, the water accentuates the different shades. For the ice cream cone, summer's treat outdoors, not so much. Water droplets on the windshield dampens the awesome this is Earth vibe. As I wipe melting creamie blobs off the console, I time get the ice cream in a dish. Alas, the old saying comes to mind...An ill wind that blows [nobody] good. Taking out the nobody, this one has found a new cookie substitute that's only 50 calories...the Sugar Cone! The bonus is, empty of ice cream, tells my brain I'm not consuming all that sugar and fat in ice cream.

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Have a Wonderful Week-end!


  1. I do like ice cream but I rarely have it. And I prefer the regular ice cream cones, I find the sugar cones too sweet. Sometimes I will have just a scoop of ice cream in a bowl. I only have ice cream a few times a year.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Not all brands of sugar cones are as sweet as others. Try making your own cone using a waffle or pancake.

  2. June is come and gone. I can't believe it will be July before this week is out. I love ice-cream, especially if it is chocolate-flavoured.

    1. Hi Loree,
      Your flowers are magnificent!
      I'm a coffee ice cream fan since I was a little kid. This year, however, I've been enjoying chocolate floats using ginger ale.

  3. I'm not really sure that I understood all that (it's late at night) but I've just finished an Italian lemon sorbet and that was delicious1

    1. Hi Graham,
      Chatter doesn't need to be understood.
      This Saturday I'll be putting the entire week into the chit chat.


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