27 June 2017

Chasing the Greens

Looking southeast from Dead Creek visitor's pavilion

Looking northwest, Dead Creek visitor's pavilion
Once again I'm out to take pictures of greens because there are enough clouds to cast shadows that mix up the colors. I stop at the Dead Creek Wildlife Management visitor's pavilion in Addison, Vermont. In the southeast there's a huge thunderstorm. I saw lightening shaped as a horizontal  with two vertical bolts on each end going down to the ground, like the bottom of a H without the top. Weird. It was many seconds before I hear thunder.

from Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge visitor's pavilion area

I turn to see in the northeast greens in the Adirondack Mountains. There is a lot of haze casting blues over the landscape. My focus is how the shades of greens work to creak the lushness I see without a lens translating for me. The farther away, the more blue haze that editing doesn't always fix. The light green in the foreground is almost the same as the sunlight on the trees on the mountains.

I turn around again to see the thunderstorm is moving east instead of towards me. After a few pictures of my favorite leaning oak trees, I'm on my way home.

I hear thunder.


  1. I often watch storms (rarely with thunder though - we don't have the temperature variations) chasing down The Minch. I love it. I also think the name Adirondack (which I know from other people in Vermont) is synonymous with a certain type of mountain range. I like that too.

  2. Hi Graham,
    That storm passed south of here. Later in the day a huge thunderstorm rolled right over the area with lots of light and rumbling.


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