27 June 2017

Birds of a Feather Pals

At first, I thought the goose is a decoy, a statue. Then it moved. Among Canada Geese, the goose stands out. What kind of goose is it? I think maybe a Domestic Graylag Goose.

Whatever it is, the goose is companion to a Canada Goose, following and touching. (see below)

 I didn't realize there are so many different types of geese. Check out the website Birds of North America for Geese.


  1. Ah how sweet...doesn't seem to be any discrimination here! Have a delightful day.

    1. A delightful day to you, Debbie
      Most likely as a gosling, he or she became part of that Canada Goose flock.

  2. Geese are the scourge of the grazing land here on the islands. They devastate it and render it full of their faeces (and a flock of geese produce a lot of faeces!).

  3. Hi Graham,,
    Years ago during a huge flock landing, droppings hitting my car sound like rocks, and are a task to wash off. I think goose droppings have a natural glue agent.

  4. You're right-it is a Graylag, or Toulouse goose. I had two-one named Sigfried, the other , Paris. So when we see those type of geese now, we always say, "There's some Siggy geese!" They are very sweet natured geese, and quite intelligent. People think birds are dumb-they are not. They are also very sensitive, and know when you need comforting. I have two Chinese geese right now-they are elderly (16). They know their names, they know what "no" means, "corn" , "want to go out?"
    (Of their pen to the bigger yard). They love me to death, and I do think they think I am a goose too. I probably am!

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you! You have a sweet nature yourself.
      That goose was still for such a long time, at a distance it looks like a statue, same spot, same pose looking across the road while the others mill about. Beautiful bird, and so large compared to the Canada Geese. It's only when I zoom on him or her that I see it move. lol


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