14 June 2017

Brain Clutter Computer Wise

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I'm trying to use the HP laptop more because the keyboard there is more user friendly (than the Acer Aspire), despite the sharper front edge. There's a problem with playing videos on the HP in Chrome and Mozilla using Windows 10. Figuring out how to fix the glitch is more technical reading than I feel is reasonable. When I did get a video to play after two adobe Flash Player installs, there's no sound. On the restart, the Windows update takes over the system. It may be another day before I find an answer to the sound problem.*

That seems to be the case with any glitch on browsers and Windows that I've encountered. Searching the question in various forms on Google brings up first results that go back a few years or more. A well known problem years later should have a simple answer up front. The truth is features and functions need to fit together/be compatible. They don't always where computer systems are concerned. Thus, consumers have the headache of trying to find answers. Often more information will be asked in order to give an answer. I'm not a computer expert, but that feels unsafe telling strangers what my system has or giving screen shots that I don't know how to read the technical aspects of.

I recommend finding a reliable support website(s) you can trust. Word your question in a few ways to find the best information. I don't recommend clicking links within a question's reply. Instead, open another tab to go to the reliable website, and search the link there. I don't use fixes unless I am very confident I know what I'm doing. Sometimes giving the problem a rest can help because all that technical reading can cause, I feel, brain clutter/confusion.

*Sound is back, and I can now see videos on the HP laptop (don't see a name). However, there are now black borders around my photos in Blogspot, and some other websites have black edges on boxes. On the other blogspot blogs I've looked at, the pictures are normal.

Aha, the problem...Google Product Help Forum, I learn that its an issue with Chrome.


  1. Ah Maywyn - I am on the same page as you with all that techie stuff. I think though you are better at it than myself. Love Santa Claus cloud! Hope you are having a super day. Hugs!

  2. W10 forces you to use a more modern PC unfortunately. My daughter assured us yesterday that my husband laptop going on 4 years needed to be replaced.

    1. Hi Tabor,
      If you can, then consider buying an Apple or build your own computer. It takes a bit of reading up on what is best to build your own, but I think, from what I remember when I thought of doing that years ago, it is worth it for those that have the computer savvy.
      I see the difference in laptops between the +/-4 year old Acer Aspire and the 1 year old HP. The HP feels like it has newer features.

  3. Hello Debbie,
    Thank you.
    Have a super weekend!


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