19 June 2017

A Plate by Salem Pottery

Mandarin [1966] by Salem Pottery, discontinued
A lovely yard sale or thrift store find is something that makes you happy either by price or by design. 
Salem Pottery, founded 1898 in Salem, Ohio has patterns that charm me to buy. The plain cream background is half the attraction. The dinnerware isn't expensive. Many of the patterns were created for every day use, and not of high value.
Home decorating websites will often show a wall of plates. I use to stock up on plates with that decorating element in mind (donated most of them). The first metal plate holder I purchased is saucer size. If you decide to use the wall of plates, then be sure to you have the correct size plate holder.

I'm going with the simple 1930 - 1960 dinnerware designs. Thus far I have two plates about the same size. The search speed is on if I happen to see one I like, five for a shelf or seven to hang. I've also thought of making paper mache plates to paint my own motifs because that will be fun, and lighter on a shelf or wall. A dream job for me would be creating dinnerware patterns. Alas, if my designs take as long as selecting a favorite pattern, I won't make enough money to buy a frozen dinner.

Think about it...If you are an artist, and can't find a dinnerware pattern you really like, then consider creating your own.


  1. Dear Maywyn - Salem, Ohio is only a few minutes away from where I live. My grandma worked in a pottery for years doing transfer of patterns. It was in Pekin, Ohio. I love this pattern and for sure I have seen it around here. Thinking a family member had this particular one...too many years to recall for sure though - showing my age :)! Well enjoy your lovely day. Hugs!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      A wall of plates from those factories would be neat in your home if you go for that style. Pottery factories are a great part of Ohio's history. I have my sights on the Salem pattern, North Star, the one most call atomic.

  2. As a former potter I can appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the plate you have shown. I have actually heard of Salem Pottery but trawling through my memory banks I cannot recall why.

    1. Hi Graham,
      Ohio had so many pottery factories, maybe you heard of the name through your potter's craft.

  3. This is a lovely find at a great price, Maywyn. It is a great idea to us it decoratively. The leaf design is very pretty. I like to buy mismatched plates because I can never settle for just one pattern,especially colorful ones are my favorite.

    1. Hi Celia,
      Your Italian Moka Coffee maker watercolor is beautiful.
      I see a lovely Italian plate design on the House Beautiful website.



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