07 June 2017

A Holiday Message

As in December Holidays...
Somewhere, probably while waiting in a grocery line, a lovely woman commented she started her Christmas shopping already. I think that is a fantastic! I thought about that on the way to the store to buy a yo-yo (and other stuff). I decided to put a yo-yo in the holiday gift boxes I send love ones. 
The stress of the season can be reduced by shopping throughout the year, as a budget and time allows. Shopping for others can also be a source of happiness as well as relaxing when you aren't in a rush.

  • Make a list of your gift box recipients.
  • Theme gift boxes make it easier to narrow down items. You don't want to end up at the December mailing time with a lot of stuff to sort out.
  • During the year use one large bin to store small items until you are ready to wrap, pack and ship.

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