15 May 2017

Plastic Box Strapping Earring Holder

Plastic box strapping
Hot glue gun
Glue Sticks
Picture frame
Surface to work on

Caution using Hot Glue!
Do Not Use Your Hand or Fingers to hold down Glued strapping.
It will be Hot until it cools.

First Row
  • Select a frame no smaller than 12 inches x 14 inches inside frame shelf. Note width of strapping. Smaller frames will make the weaving too stiff to weave.
  • Cut strapping into pieces a little longer than inside the frame shelf. Cut off thick overlap sections and damage strapping
  • Hot glue a line of strap pieces Even/flush with edge of first horizontal strap, leaving tiny room between straps. This first row must be straight or else the entire weave will be crooked.
  •  Weave straps into the size you need. Mid way the weaving may become stiffer. Add a dab of hot glue in Only one or two places across the row.The other spaces need to be open to hang things.
  • Trim to fit inside frame. Tack on a backer mat board to secure the weave in the frame

Hang light weight French wire earrings in weave spaces or add small S-hooks to hang necklaces or other memorabilia. Be cautious of the amount of weight added.
Use metal hanger or wire to hang on wall

Plastic box straps come in different colors and strengths. The lighter the box weight, the easier to handle, less stiff straps. I used two weights, and it was not easy to work with the heavier weight strapping, called poly cord strapping on Uline.com.

Stores with used materials are a source as well as dumpsters.

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    1. Hi Laraib,
      I left the back open so the earrings can fit through easily.
      Have a great weekend!


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