12 May 2017

Flowering Trees and Poem Hunting

Horizontal flip of photo, water is actually on the left

When the seasons of autumn and spring are changing, there isn't time to think about when to take pictures, sketch or paint. Dragging myself out the other day, my thoughts are towards photos of flowering trees. Along Dead Creek, I see most of the white among all the green is now gone except for this one charming tree all in bloom that appears to be  type of apple. I didn't walk closer. No bug spray with me, as in feel safe venturing into the weeds. And, it was quite a chilly wind. Okay, I was also distracted munching on tortellini salad in a sun warm vehicle.
Flowering tree top, as is

This week-end...reading, painting, and trying to find again the inspiration for a poem in progress that I began at the end of April.

are there any places
in your plant life
where talking
is growly grained,
a heightened treble
coordinating arrival
from your base line?
figgy fantasies
plucking lilts?
a voice lifting
sandy hands
like almond scented
lotion into frilly
you look prettiness


  1. I LOVE your poetry Maywyn. Beautiful tree too. You made me smile-picturing you with your salad in the car...:)

    1. Thank you Debra
      The salad was good. All the way down the road I kept watch for a place to stop. lol

  2. Beautiful tree and poetry. Not sure whether I'm envious that it's still chilly. It's starting to warm up quite a bit here.

    1. Thank you Loree
      Happy Mother's Day!


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