06 May 2017

Desk Chit Chat: First Week of May 2017

What a week! Rain and more rain.
I bought a bag of potatoes to make vegetable stew, and baked potato. I know they are starch, as in not on my menu. The rare use of them, I feel, is all right. Russets for me! No yay for me is missing the first two days of a favorite rummage sale. Going to rummage sales is a way of connecting with the community, seeing old faces blending with the new. The rummage sales in Addison County are never disappointing.

On the Internet, my reading has been slow for discoveries.
This week-end I'll be reading more about VPN (virtual private network). (The link goes to PC Magazine article.) I posted about it before, but now its on my Will Do List.

Art wise, the photographs of the massive amount of budding trees of the Adirondack landscape is foremost on my creative brain as I think about how to do watercolors with all those trees and colors. Using acrylics will be easier. I'd rather take up the watercolor challenge first because that will familiarize me, bring me closer/know the subject better.

This spring's colors are spot on with the blooming times, flowers, trees, birds all about. There's a robin in the backyard that sits atop the trees like a sentry watching over the land. I suspect he's a male robin with a nesting mate nearby. He appears to like hunting for food near my patio or else he likes the nest material of the tangle of roots from old pots I used as mulch around the Dusty Miller planted for the harvesting nest building bees.

How was your week?


  1. Up and down-my week, that is. Creative's cold here-maybe SNOW tomorrow night and Monday. UG.
    I have been drawn to the same different greens of the trees-I also love the red buds on the maples. It's just as pretty as fall.

    1. Hi Debra,
      Snow! Stay Warm!
      I cringed when I heard maybe snow in the higher elevations this weekend.
      The pictures don't do the landscape justice. Being there is wild there are so many trees.

  2. Hot and now cold and rainy again. I like spring cold and rainy as our summers become unbearable way too soon.

    1. Hello Tabor,
      The weather here today is as you describe. A bit of sun is nice no matter how dark the clouds may be. Have a lovely week


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