21 May 2017

Desk Chit Chat: Salad Dressing, Sandals and Sewing

Saturday didn't feel like Saturday. If chit chat is going to be the end of my week, then writing it out before hand isn't doable. The key is to add a Saturday alarm to my cell phone. And, take it more seriously than Friday's reminder notice to "Paint!"  Yesterday time flew again as I was busy moving furniture into the summer configuration. In the end, two chairs are left over.
Prefer dressing in a glass container

I've been transitioning from mainly ketchup to making my own with an applesauce base, and using salad dressing. I found two I really like. Both are good on sandwiches instead of mayo.
Sharing the top spots are:
Olde Cape Cod, Poppy Seed 
I like it especially for raw vegetables and in big salads.
Maple Grove Farms of Vermont, Creamy Balsamic
My go to dressing for chicken, luncheon meats, and cheese.

There is bookmark folder for links to remind me of what I found on the Internet during the week. Being off the Internet this week means the links are slim.
Sandals...This summer I must have a pair of jute sandals with seashells after seeing these cute ones, Impo Reem Sandals on eBay. (The hot glue gun might be busy this year as I make over old sandals.)

On the wardrobe project this year is to sew a blouse using a bird print. The search online has not been easy. The prints I like are either for sofas and draperies, not the right colors or priced higher than my budget. Yet, I find this Cotton & Steel, crane fabric on fabric.com isn't easy to forget.

Have a Wonderful Week! 


  1. I need to get into a routine of making salad dressing. I keep picking up a bottle at the grocery store, then stopping to read the label...then I put it back on the shelf, determined to make my own at home. It's so easy, and versatile. I just have to make it a habit!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Good luck and Happy Salad Dressing Making!
      Read up on the dangers of infused olive oils. The process is to iffy for me. I prefer to leave the oil to when I make the salad.


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