28 April 2017

Timers, Patterns and Trees

 A cute kitchen timer old style alarm clock with the bell on top is a favorite for its charm and nostalgia. When it doesn't work, it is time to let it go. I know the difference between crispy and dark brown/what ten minutes looks like twenty minute later. Way back when, it might have been possible to bring it to the clock shop for repair. In April 2017, it will be saved for a found object art piece.

 My lunch of frozen potato coated fish and steamed fresh spinach with blue cheese dressing (instead of ketchup or tarter sauce), are grateful.

The thrift store find plate is by Alfred Meakin, England. I have yet to learn the pattern name after searching the Replacements.com website. I did, however, find several patterns I like as well.

Happy Arbor Day!

I thought to post philosophical about my favorite trees. Then lunch happens, and the timer sorrow. I'm looking towards a cute timer next, spruce up the kitchen thing. I'm was wavering between the owl and the frosted cupcake ones when I become distracted with the search after seeing a vanilla cone with chocolate sauce timer. During that search, I find three other timers by Bengt EK Design. Alas, the ones I like aren't there.
Who knew it would be so difficult to find a neat kitchen timer.
Woe is me.
I find the ice cream cone with chocolate sauce.
Its out of stock!
I find a cake timer photo on Pinterest. (Most without shopping information)
Its a real cake.


  1. It was a real cake LOL!
    My kitchen timer (with the spring and the ding) was replaced by my oven timer when I began using it for lots of non-baking-related timing. So the original timer went to the goat barn to help me with the cashmere combing and other time-limited tasks. Last year I began routinely carrying my cellphone outdoors, so the timer function on the phone became my barn timer. The kitchen timer is now living in my workshop, along with my old kitchen scale (with the spring but no ding) where both have been enjoying a well-earned rest after all their years of useful endeavor. either or both may be called into service At Any Time. And like you, I always think of the art/construction potential!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Wishing you lots of sun this weekend!
      I've started to use my cell phone timer feature. I like the music instead of the grating sound the old timer makes.

  2. Oh a real cake! that's funny! But I hope you find a timer you like soon.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      I like the cake one the best. lol


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