26 April 2017

Plume Moth

All I hear is seventy degrees Fahrenheit, and my brain says be outdoors.* The low dark clouds and damp looks like rain weather doesn't scare me off from taking pictures. This time of year seasonal allergies aren't much of a bother for me until the trees bud, like they are beginning to here now. A room air filter helps. What helps raise my spirits are pansies, outdoors in the chilly air. Taking pictures of the one or two plants is a yearly event.
Plume Moth Among the Pansies

This year as I prepare to take the photos, I see a bit of dry grass in the way. Oops. It moves. Aha, a thin winged Plume Moth.

There are different types you can see on Pterophoridae Wikipedia.

* The 70ºF  temperature is forecast for tomorrow. Today is rain.


  1. I've never seen nor even heard of that moth - I learned something today! thanks! :)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      We learn on the same day! I don't recall seeing one before. I shudder to think the dry grass it brushed away in the past that were moths.


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