25 April 2017

Life Style: Undoing the Cable Tether

Winegard FlatWave indoor TV antenna
For literally years I have wanted to give up cable television as mainly a life style change, as in watch less television, and have more control over when I watch. There are less than two dozen channels on my favorite list. Yet, there are dozens more in the bundle. It took courage to finally bring back the cable box, and change my service to phone and Internet only, with a speed upgrade. The problem is the savings are small. I'm leaning towards stopping the phone as well. I can use my cell phone.

Last night I realize  I am watching TV as it began...free on the air waves. The use of the Winegard FlatWave Indoor Amplified HDTV antenna* is easy to set up once you find the right spot to hang it. Wouldn't you know, taped to an in progress dry painting is where mine gets the best reception.

It gets better. I can see the entire screen with a clarity that I didn't know it has! With cable, many of the shows are in the center with black on each side. Cable also cut off a portion of the edge of the image. The only way the image fills the television screen is when I select an Aspect that fills it in; and then even more of the image can be lost into the edges. Clarity, the sharpness with the indoor antenna compared to the cable is a foggy day versus clear skies. Maybe my TV didn't have the connection for high definition (HD)? The antenna does what the cable didn't.

Overall, I'd rather have cable with the correct connections to watch television in HD. The costs are too high for the packages offered. Most of the shows I watch are available online. If the WiFi stops disconnecting on my laptop, then my viewing will be better.

Do you have cable?

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Update on day 3...I miss most the program guide, and some familiar faces/shows. Thank goodness the Create channel is seen with an antenna.


  1. I have cable over here - but it is expensive. I'm thinking, if I phoned them, they might reduce the price a bit, on a new contract. (Too deaf to do that myself, will have to ask a friend.)
    Thanks for your suggestions about my cushion. It does need a little embellishment to make it special so I shall think about what to do. Despite being a photographer I'm not very 'arty'.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      I'll be looking at the book by Cameron you mention on your blog, "The Artist's Way for Retirement." Your photographs show you as a good artist.

  2. I stopped here from a comment you made on Donna Bean's blog. We are retired and pay too much for cable. My husband is less mobile every year and watches old programs only available on cable. I usually sit with him and stitch some of the day. I'm not sure I want to give up cable. Maybe I should look into the kind of antenna you have. I do have high speed internet. We pay way too much. I wish I could pay for only what I want.

    I'll look around here and see what you have had to say on other topics of interest to me.
    Nice to meet you.

    1. Hi Carol and Welcome,
      You have a lovely blog.
      Most of the favorite shows I watch can be viewed for free on their website. A computer can be connected to a television like a monitor. I'm not sure how to do that yet, but the instructions are on the internet.
      Have a Wonderful Day!


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