29 April 2017

Desk Chit Chat

New feature this Desk Chit Chat,
filling the space where Internet travel meets discovery, learn something new, oh look at that! experiences. Postings on Saturday.
The photograph is a vignette of my desk edited. I didn't want my reflection in the small copper bowl (made by Coppercraft Guild, Taunton,, Massachusettes).

This week I got to thinking about posting responsibilities. It is very important to think clearly about what to post about. There are times when I will delete an entire post. Thus, scheduling to give it time to set is a good idea.

Years ago there were a lot of personal blogs giving information I feel isn't safe. Things change. Nowadays when I browse blogs, I often find several that ended with no notice or a short good bye. I see fewer personal blogs. From art and design, I gravitate towards fun blogs about crafts, pets, and such. Searching for old blogs can be fun when I remember the titles. I miss the Catladders on Blogspot (now gone), and always to this day I miss the lovely blog about painted furniture from the Pacific Northwest coast that I forget the name of. Revisiting the blog, Cote de Texas is always a treat. Alice Rimpo is an artist that now has her own website. I still post on the blog, A Botanical Brain.

The break I took in April I believe is the longest time I've been away from blogging. Tough times. The change in no cable is tough as well. I added speed to the Internet only. Only the speed on browsers doesn't look any faster. Maybe the difference will show up when I watch (stream?) a movie online this week-end. I'm still leaning towards cell phone only using ear phones. Neither of my cell phones have good sound when I hold my hand over the receiver thing. I'm calling it the time of curvy learning.

Update on being without  cable...Netflix on my laptop Windows 10, doesn't work on Mozilla Firefox. I close and open the Chrome browser. Netflix works fine. On second episode, something shuts off the show. I can't log back in,, no explanation. I find something about Silverlight after learning Mozilla is blocking Netflix. I install Silverlight.  Still no Netflix play. It gets worse...I try to log out of Netflix but can't. I have to close the tab. That should not happen because a website should Always inform customers of Known problems. Hello Chrome? Good bye Netflix? Stay tuned...Netflix back on Chrome finally worked.

Have an adventurous week-end!


  1. You have a great weekend too....

    1. Thank you Debra
      Enjoy the spring weather!

  2. I sometimes find these days that I prefer not to bother with messing around with the computer, it's simpler and more fun to do something or read a book than be frustrated all the time!

    1. HI Jenny,
      I agree. Spending more time away from the computer is refreshing.


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