02 April 2017

Blogspot's New Themes

The Emporio theme is not this theme. It has been changed back to the current theme.

Many of the Blogger Blogspot new themes are lovely. The theme here is (Not)Emporio. Lovely as it may be, there are glitches in adjusting the layout. I suspect this one may not be the only theme with glitches as new dos have that tendency. (I am having similar glitches with another theme on a blog not yet published.)
For example, in Layout > Add Gadget: The gadgets have eye on the left that is either open or closed. Closed means it is not visible on the blog. When I try to add the gadgets back to the blog, the Show Text checked box doesn't always work. I have to cut the text, open another gadget, and paste the text there for it to show up. If I edited that text after pasting, then the Show Text button doesn't work. Big glitch, in my opinion.
There's more:
- Popular Posts are no longer on the front page. They are on the  page after you click on post title. That's a deal breaker for me on keeping this theme.
- Preview feature now goes to another page where I have to use the back button. Before, it would open in a new tab. There is no button to remove the feature, but you can make it not visible.
- Labels is the cloud feature with a format that isn't all that attractive.
- Margins on the left are really right up against the edge, see Footer
- Sign in You have to click on very bottom of the page, Powered by Blogger, to bring up the sign in page. There's also no log out feature.

In summary, while this theme/template is very attractive, there are too many glitches at this time to make it permanent.

What do you think of the new theme here.
Have you tried any of the other new themes?


  1. I have been looking at a few of them but have not actually made them live on the blog. I was a bit afraid that I would face some glitches. Thanks for alerting us.

    1. Hello Loree,
      Consider starting a new blog on Private setting to try out the new themes.
      I'm also looking at the Soho, one with the food prep photo. I have that one on an Private blog. The header photograph is much larger than the preview. I like that easier on the eyes layout. For highlighting a photo or painting, the large photo is perfect.

  2. hmmmmm-yes, thank you for the warning. I'm going to stay just as I am here. Looks a little like they want to bring Word Press into Blogger as far as looks go. Good idea to try stuff privately first.

    1. Hello Debra,
      I found the new themes in my travels for an easy responsive template. At Btemplates I found two, and they turn out to not be all that responsive for me who doesn't know how to change HTML codes all that well. There are a lot of wonderful features on the new themes. Its the front page that visitors have to click on to read the post, that use to be on the front page that I don't like the most. It does, I think, spread out the blog so it loads faster.

  3. Dear Maywyn - glad for the heads up regarding blogger. I am staying for the time being where I am because it is working for me. Maybe I will get brave later. In the meantime I will learn from you! Hugs!

    1. Hello Debbie
      I'm ready to change this template, after its up a few days so folks see what I'm posting about.


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