14 March 2017

Stella the Blizzard of 14 March 2017

The snow began here in Vergennes just before about 8:30 AM EDT.
I keep the window coverings mostly closed to save the room heat in case we lose power. Objects in the room take time to heat up, best to keep them warm now than be sorry later.
NOAA Winter Storm Safety Tips
Winter Storm Stella looks Lioness of March.

It is much windier this afternoon than it was this morning. Howling gusts can be heard outdoors, the draperies move, and white outs are frequent.
Stay Safe
Have your plan in place in case of electricity outages
 Update 15 March 2017...No power outage here so far. Gentle snow, without the howling wind, is falling at the moment. A huge snowdrift is in the backyard across the patio. I estimate at the deepest it is 3 feet. The chair is last night's photo around 8 PM EDT and this morning at 4:20 AM EDT. There are as deep, if not deeper in places, snowdrifts at the front of the building. The front door is clear of snow. I'm not anxious to get outdoors. I dread the sound of the plow that signals layer up to go out to move the car. I do hope I hear a snow blower though.

A short walk to the store was nice after not feeling well for a few days. However, it is very slippery under the snow. In some places it is like ice!
Keep an Emergency pack in your vehicle
Remember to keep the lock deicer in the house, not the cold car
Take care shoveling
Keep your cell phone handy
Do NOT over do it no matter what
Let somebody know you are out there if you live alone
If you don't feel well, then call for help to shovel for you.


  1. Dear Maywyn - praying you don't lose power and you stay safe dear friend. Hugs!

    1. Hello Debbie,
      I pray we don't lose power as well. The blizzard will howl until tomorrow morning, over 12 hours away. I have books to read. :)

  2. Wow. So beautiful. But it does look very cold too. Is it normal to get blizzards so late in March?

  3. Hello Loree,
    I remember as a child around 17th St Patrick's Day there could be bad snow storms.
    Weather.com article, "Two of the Three Largest,Heaviest Northeast Snow Storms Since 1956 Have Happened in March." The worse blizzard in US recorded history is March 11-14, 1888.


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