21 March 2017

Snow Melt and Evaporation a Day Later

The difficult issue for me taking pictures of snow is the light. If the sun is too bright, and there's no source to cast shade, then the shadows are too pale to define the shapes. The plowed snow piled up is different as the days go by. Snow lawns are more difficult for me and my camera to capture the patterns without heavily edited to bring them out.
See the wave just right of center. No matter what angle I try, the sun is too bright for my skill level of taking photos as well as editing.
The last photograph is a close up of how the snow is melting in the expanses. Corn snow, the icy bits that crumble and crunch beneath you feet, and skis, is typical Spring snow due to the melting. That wet snow under the top layer is ideal for making snow people.


  1. These are great shots. I can see highlights and shadows. A sunny and snowy day is a real challenge for photography.

  2. Thank you Tabor
    The snow will be missed this year.

  3. Amazing snowy photos Maywyn! The top one looks real enough to reach out to, touch and feel the crunch!
    Helen xox

  4. Beautiful photos! And the first one needs a frame! Wow!

  5. These are great snow pictures. I can never manage to take photos of snow. My photos come out dark blue or grey. I guess the native people of the north would have a word for exactly that kind of melting snow !

    1. Thank you Jenny
      Editing the photographs isn't easy. I think the camera and time of day have to be right for good snow photos.

      Prayers For London and the UK


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