29 March 2017

On the Walls

Park Closed, 9" x 12" acrylic mix media

The acrylic painting posted here is a memory painting of a park I loved to visit as a child, Norembega Park, Auburndale, Massachusetts.

Fences, roads, sidewalks can all have memories that don't look the same as they did in real time. I was so close to the ground, looking at discarded, dropped, slipped out of the hand things, it's no wonder to me a heavily textured painting with barely a hint of an amusement park is so lovely a memory.

I see this painting every day on the wall.
It's one of the few I feel a need to add more paint.


  1. Beautiful, the colour and texture, and the memory behind it.
    Helen xox

  2. Thank you Helen

    I hope to put the fussy cutting to work, and reduce my stash of fabric remnants.

  3. Beautiful thoughts behind this lovely work!


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