28 March 2017

Gulls, Ctrl Key and Shortcuts

I tried to learn how this laptop keyboard deletes all text when my wrists, fingers or hands touches the lower part of the key board. Nothing. I read online what appears to be the same problem, lots of chat with no solution, but a clue, maybe. The Ctrl key does things.
Ctrl Key Shortcuts

Caution...Read what the letter does  before you try it out, and save what you are trying out on. I did Crtl W and the tab disappeared as in this entire page. 

Shortcuts are good to know because they can make life on a keyboard easier. I've found them to be helpful when editing photo folders. Instead of endless cursor dancing, the shortcuts are restful to the eyes, brain and hands.


  1. I know it's good to learn new things, but I have found that learning new stuff on my computers is annoying. I do like it though when I finally have it sunk in my dull brain!

    1. Hello Debra,
      You are right, Sunk in is the key to happiness with computers.
      I'm sure the disappearing text culprit is the Ctrl key.


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