24 March 2017

Early Spring in March

Sunrise, blocked by over cast skies, brings the light to see the lawn with patches of white. Later in the morning, the ground is covered with a few inches of snow. The next few days look to be the winter we didn't have.  The early days of Spring are like that. In this transition period, I'm reminded of a few things...

Gloves and Lotion
Without gloves, especially on windy days, hands can become so dry that spreading on lotion can sting and  itch. Think light gloves to prevent that situation.

Tissue and Lip Balm
Freezing cold may not be the temperature, but tissue and lip balm are as much needed as they are on blustery autumn days. A DIY facial tissue cover is a neat Spring project to consider.
Socks and Boots
Clean socks in the car (purse or pocket) for those times when bootless feet meet muddy puddles in the street.
Books to be Seen and Heard
A Spring reading list that is uplifting, adventurous and exciting in print, on tablet and audio books. This is the year to add the audio book, and  podcasts. First on my audio list is The Collapsing Empire, by John Scalzi, Voice by Wil Wheaton. Do you have actors your listen to in audio books?

Note...This is not a sponsored post


  1. I do have favorite narrators for audiobooks and I think a narrator can make or break an audiobook; there are some I simply cannot listen to. A narrator "doing an accent" - badly - can be unbearable.
    But some are just a pleasure. There's one British narrator who uses multiple professional names and I can't remember one at the moment but I recognize her voice and sometimes listen to books read by her even if they didn't initially sound interesting. Tim Rice. Tim Curry. Hugh Fraser (Captain Hastings on Poirot) reading Agatha Christie mysteries is a reliable treat!

    1. Hello Quinn,
      I just took out my copy of the Poirot handbook the other day. For sure I'll put Hugh Fraser on the list. Thank you for the recommends
      Wikipedia has a page for English Voice actresses. The list might help you remember who she is.

  2. I have never been able to settle to audiobooks, I don't know why. But I have been enjoying reading so many books. I'm not sure it is spring that's encouraged me. I have been avoiding news and most social media and I just have more time!

    1. Hello Jenny,
      Avoiding the news and social media appears to be a theme so far for 2017. I also have felt that way, and read others feeling the same.
      I hope the audio book while painting and sewing will be pleasant.


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