27 March 2017

Computer as a Service Pet

It may sound weird to use a computer as a service pet, but thinking about it as a device for people who don't, for various reasons, have mobility, get out much and/or have a limited social network, then a computer service pet makes good healthy sense to me.
Corn Husk Doll, Toila 

It also makes good sense to have a back up system. A desktop and laptop, two desktops or two laptops are combinations to consider.

The key to a happy back up computer plan is to keep Both systems updated. If you don't, then you may not only have the security system to update, that needs a restart, you will most likely have a Windows update that can take well over an hour.
After days of non-use the back-up computer horror that happened to me today: Security update ran without a problem. On the restart, Windows update shoves in. Over an hour later, I can finally use the system. Problem: Norton won't open. I don't recall that happening before. Check this, check that. Read this, read that. Norton Chat, Email. Install. Update...error code auto fix. Minutes later, Norton opens, working fine. System working as well as I can tell. Then, for an extra laugh, I accidentally deleted a device from the security. The error is quickly corrected.
Why after the Windows update Norton didn't open is a mystery. I see from searching the Internet, the problem isn't new.
In summary, keep all your devices, phones, tablets, desktop and laptops up to date on all the upgrades, especially the security system. If you have a relative or friend that has limits to activities and people, then consider talking to them about a computer with Internet access. Share your time helping them to adjust, and learn the positives, and, negatives of being online. Help Open the World for somebody.


  1. Great reminder Maywyn. I need to get my photos copied to disc before computer dies. Have a super week. Hugs!

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Flash drives are easier than using disks, from my experience.
      Super Week to You!

  2. This post certainly rings true for me today. My old PC has been giving me fits on and off-by NOT turning on at all. I have a feeling it's the power button connection-as I use it all the time-I don't leave the computer on all the time...so the poor thing has worn itself out. Luckily, I have a laptop but with very new to me Windows-so I've been trying to find my way around on it all day...been a while! I am very glad I have this new computer-or I'd be computerless.....And it is very good advice to turn the less used computer on and let it update-I did do that-so I know from experience it's wise.

    1. Hello Debra,
      I'm glad you have a new laptop. Windows 10 is less scary without using or minimal use of the voice talking to me, Soluto,Cortana and Edge.
      There are recycle centers that refurbish old computers. I look to see what they have that I recognize. If I ever find my first printer, then I will for sure buy it.

  3. I lost a computer and a printer when W-10 forced too install. Windows does not make drivers for anything very old and my printer was. I ended up buying new printer and PC. I back up my data to a separate hard drive, but no sure how I would back up the PC itself. I never quite understood that process. Maybe I should buy some cloud space...why does everything cost more money?

    1. Hello Tabor,
      Good summary on your political post

      There is a website where you can build you own computer. It takes hours of research, but well worth it if you survive the technical reading without frustration.
      As for cloud space, anything that puts eggs in one basket to me is like being the tallest tree in the field during a thunder storm. Scary stuff. I believe there's enough space on a computer system with the use of flash drives to create your own cloud...for free.

  4. Glad you got your Norton fixed. Every year when I get the new update/subscription it doesn't work and I have to spend hours online with tech while they remove the old software and install the new one. It's been 5 years now and never worked correctly once. I refuse to update to Windows 10 on this laptop, Windows 7 is wonderful. I suppose someday Windows 7 will be totally obsolete for online use but I'll deal with that when it happens. Enjoy your day.

    1. Hello Carol,
      Your piano repair is amazing. Thank you for the socks recommendation. They are on my shopping list.

      Norton may have its quirks, but it is an American Company. I've tried nearly a dozen antivirus program, and by far Norton is the best.


      If you chose not to use some of the Windows 10 features, then it is easier to use. Explore at your leisure because there are some eat features. Switching for me was bumpy while I figured out what not to get involved in.

  5. Talking of backups, I just lost a long email. I left it open and my computer closed down.I should have known it would do this, because it always does if I leave it overnight.

  6. Hello Jenny,
    That's awful. Save and then read is what I try to remember to do.
    April Fool's Day is too close to leave backups to another day.


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