31 March 2017

Canada Geese, Crow & Coffee

Canada Goose checking out nesting sites
First, a crow on the very end point of the roof doesn't caw when I have the camera ready. I wait. No caw. I heard it caw when I got out of the car, and saw it caw after that. He flies off while I adjust the settings. The light is flat under white overcast skies making details of his feature difficult to see. The picture of him is posted last.

After getting a coffee and glazed donut, I see a pair of Canada Geese checking out the reeds in a nearby pond along Route 7. I pull over to the picnic table area not far from the Canada Geese.

Snoozy and Shyness, Canada Geese

I name the napping goose, Snoozy, and the other, Shyness, names that fit both genders. Shyness in my YouTube 25 second short video appears to see me, and ducks down in the reeds. In reality, Shyness probably saw  something in the reeds.

Nospeakforyou, the Crow

The crow I've named, Nospeakforyou, for obvious reasons. He's looking all around like the doesn't have a care in the world for the poor old lady with arthritic cramping hands holding a camera to take a photograph of him beek open, on his good side.


  1. You've got my interest with bird photos....and these are wonderful!

    1. Hello Debra,
      I hope you and yours are warm and dry.
      This early Spring snow storm is pretty, but not quite welcome.
      I can almost still feel the muscle burn holding the camera up waiting for that crow to caw. lol


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