18 March 2017

A Moment in Time in the Snow

The day was so nice sunny with blue skies, I sat on the patio for a moment with my camera. I planned to take photos of the snow shapes and shadows when in the distance I see this...
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The cat is going from one place to another. I suspect he or she is trying to find a shallow path to travel. Then I see this...
Another cat is in the hedgerow watching the black cat moving around. Are they friends? Will they be friends? The watcher in stealth cat mode. The black cat tries to use the route along the building where there's barely any snow. That doesn't work. He rears up startled to see me sitting there. Back down he goes...towards the other cat...
At this point I'm ready for the other cat to pounce, if the black cat gets too close. I don't recognize the hedgerow cat, a tiger grey light tan, black lines on face with long shaggy hair. The size looks to be almost the same as the black cat. The branches don't allow a clear look at the face.
All ends well this round as the black cat goes along the fence towards what I think might be home.
In the last photo the stealth cat looks more like a bobcat than a domestic cat. There are domestic cat breeds with similar markings. I do think its a domestic cat, but still, there is a rabbit in that area. It disappears while I'm trying to take a picture of the black cat along the fence. There are places where all you can see is the top of the cat in the space between the fence and snow drift.

Meanwhile, I'll keep a look out. The fence and building routes are the easiest routes for small animals to travel. During Blizzard Stella, that night I saw rabbit tracks in the snow in the direction of the building route (towards where I believe is a bird feeder). The wind quickly erases the tracks. I was so stunned, with camera in hand, I didn't take a picture of them.


  1. Yes, Stealth cat does look like a bob cat...I've been looking them up online because I heard one a few weeks ago. They are stunningly beautiful animals-but make an awful cry! I was worried for my geese, but my husband said we've had bob cats around for years....

    1. Hello Debra,
      Awful cry, yes. I heard bobcat's cry online, someone with a sore throat screaming. I fear the warm weather and the blizzard might be pushing hungry animals to places they don't usually hunt in. I'm hoping the stealth cat is a domestic one.

  2. I like watching these cat dramas! We have a lot of cats living around us and sometimes it's such fun to sit and watch them. What big furry coats, I guess they need them!

  3. Hello Jenny,
    Cats are more fun than watching birds, and even squirrels.


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