13 March 2017

A Glitch is a Glitch

Crow with Branch, March 2016
March 2016...What a difference a year makes? For certain in my photo folders. Somehow, something labels almost all the March 2016 pictures in the March folder as taken in February. This blog archive helps narrow down the dates. Common sense tells me how it happens isn't something I want to figure out, to save brain energy.
In 2016, March has zero snow photographs. In a day or so  this year, there will be snow photographs as the storm makes it way over New England, during the time of a full moon, (waning now, but close enough).
Winter blues this year have been minimal. If there's a blame to be spread about for the gorgeous, and appreciated warm weather episodes, then for fun include the travel industry because if nothing else, one must know that to ease the Winter blues, traveling to warm weather in the south may be the cure. For Northerners, if you can't travel to warmer latitudes in the Winter, then orientate your sofa north to south, rest with your feet towards the south, and dream. Be powerful, take control, plan and make it happen in 2018...after skiing, snow shoeing, and such in New England.


  1. Winter weather is becoming to strange. We had two weeks of cold weather and then almost nothing at all. But, thankfully, we did have some ran this year.

    1. Hello Loree,
      I'm glad your area has rain. I hope there's enough to sail through summer, gently soaking inspirational rain.
      Here, there hasn't been much snow on the ground at this elevation. Rain yes. The snow problem might be taken care of with the snow storm on the way tomorrow.


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